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More than a meeting with two people, the marriage has long brought together two families under the terms of a contract of which only the politician is guarantor. But, as man is essentially religious, the encounter with the other in the context of marriage has also been the encounter with God, which makes the matrimonial relationship a reality that goes beyond the mere human person.

Nowadays, many people wonder why one has to go to the city hall, still less to the Church to show their love. As if to make up for lost time, the two lovers decide, without the knowledge of all, human rights oblige, to live together without notifying anyone. From guilty concubinage, we move to free unions that do not respect any norm: it is "freedom". The definition of marriage, which in the usual dictionaries is "the legal union of a man and a woman" tends to inhibit this duality "man-woman" to be "a legal union between two people". If we do not take care, the level may go down even lower, as long as the man is always trying to devalue himself to make an animal or a machine. Tolerance certainly forces us to join Voltaire in his: "I do not agree with what you say, but I will always fight for you to have the right to say it".

In Africa, where the weight of culture and parents is always the norm, customary marriage is the answer. In this article, we propose to give the strengths and weaknesses of these three forms of marriage in order to identify the necessary complementarity.

Indeed, customary marriage has this charisma to bring young married people closer to their families, especially since in Africa it is a family that marries another. This then allows the good integration of the woman into her new family, which, in the long run, will help him while avoiding abnormal situations such as divorce.

After a customary marriage, no partner has the right to do what he wants, he has his family on his back. She always has an eye on him. If there is a problem in the couple, she intervenes quickly to bring the ball down. This is the role of the family council headed by the wisest of the family
Nevertheless, this hand of family in the life of the couple sometimes suffocates at the risk of breaking the love between the two spouses. The distrust of the daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law has always been decried in all societies in Africa. Supervision of the family towards the young couple has often led to the woman's expedition or polygamy. The consequence of this conflictual climate is often the jealousy that makes Africa a continent where witchcraft is still sung as the evil of all time. There is also reason to wonder about what is behind this witchcraft where most indexed people are still close relatives.

Through marriage, both spouses enter into a contract that unites them. We can not therefore speak of a contract without referring to the rights and duties relating to it. The existence of legal texts has been of paramount importance in the cohabitation of individuals. Wanting to ignore the law in the name of love is a step backwards. It is quite normal that when there is love, no text is more useful. However, to engage in a common life without any precaution is to ignore what love is. This one is not a given fact. She is looking for herself, she is going to talk or she is dying. Take life in its dynamic sense, predict that it can always rock. As a result, one must always prepare to face the tests.
Civil marriage is therefore an answer to its unforeseen. It recalls the duties of each spouse. Moreover, he protects him, restoring him to his rights. Love is not in contradiction with the law but a love without right is not one. If the law, in its operational mode is presented as a machine, then we would say like this Egyptian University Senghor Alexandria that amazed us during the video conference of the "Philosophy Night 2007" which said paraphrasing a French author "By working with a machine, you end up being a machine".

In reality, the law has no feeling. He says what is what it should be according to convention. But in terms of feelings, the reality is very different. A romantic relationship built solely on legal principles loses its meaning. Married life is indeed more than a contract. It's a life together, and a lifetime are you! Only religious marriage can illuminate this mystery.
The meeting of a man and a woman in marriage involves a third person: God. We do not get married by chance, said a thinker. The chance meeting that opened the curtain of marriage was programmed by God, which makes theologians say that "we marry the one we should marry".
Moreover, by human force alone, no marriage can last. In our research on the life of couples, it was difficult to find a couple without problems. The worst is that every couple believes he is the most experienced that others. The French also know when they say "we always feel better in the bed of the other"!

What is missing for some couples is to accept that there is a force external to the man who creates and protects every marriage. And this strength is acquired through the religious marriage that Catholics recognize as a sacrament.

The sacrament of marriage, just like the other sacraments, is therefore a visible sign of the encounter with God. Beyond the sign, it vivifies the signifier. By this sacrament, the signifier and the signified are the same in the action of the Holy Spirit. God then intervenes in the life of the couple to perform miracles. He sends down the graces like a sun that sends its light rays without getting poorer. Can understand this truth, only the one who made a religious marriage. We encourage you there!

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Modern Wedding&Traditional Marriage In Africa

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 Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and  Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages So Warning!

 Traditional Wedding 
In traditional society, marriage is essential for the survival of the group. He had to prepare from an early age until the day of the engagement. Everything was set, the first contacts, the engagement and the conclusion by the marriage. In some countries, people still speak of custom engagement, children (boy and girl) whose parents have decided the marriage in early childhood. But this practice is disappearing. The choice of the bride is done either by the father of the boy or the boy himself who proposed the approval of his father.What remains is the meaning of marriage: in addition to unite people, it also unites two families. One of the symbols of this reality is the practice of dowry. It is paid by the groom to the family of his future in various forms (work, money or material goods). In fact, it compensates the loss caused by the departure of the daughter of another family. Please replace the fruitfulness of force that is given and clearly mark the union of two families. However, in recent years, the weight of the dowry often becomes an obstacle to marriage. The families of the boys struggling to raise the exorbitant sum demanded by the girl's parents. Losing his sense of alliance symbol, dowry has become a source of income.Despite these abuses, the community dimension is one of the most important features of the African wedding. It is still considered the center around which the whole life of the community. There will encounter the living, the dead and the "not-yet-born." These three categories of people form a single three-dimensional community.

Modern wedding 
Today, young people, both rural and urban, are heavily influenced by new and modern ideas. Everyone wants to choose her partner for marriage and parents hardly have to intervene in this choice. But the choice can be difficult because it commits the partners for many years, and many are afraid to commit for life. They prefer the provisional and are satisfied with a test married life. It is therefore important that young people take responsibility if they want to grow up and grow the company. But the motives for marriage can be diverse. Many marry out of obligation or to find safety and social respect. Especially make sure the next day.In town mainly, money plays an important part in the choice of future husband. Male or female, everyone wants to first succeed professionally, have a comfortable position before engaging. This causes many young women to choose their husbands after its financial asset. "Whatever its beauty, love, behavior, if his bag is filled, that's it. "Unfortunately, the reality is often different. Married, they will quickly face the real behavior of man, unfaithful and arrogant because of his wealth.Another problem in many countries, many men do not have the courage to take a woman who has done extensive studies. They are afraid that it is not easily lead, especially since, in his work, it will also bring its share in the home.Consequence of this waiting in the young, the resurgence of sex before marriage. If man, freer of his body, can increase the number of its partners, it is also one which must ensure 'stewardship': to go out with a woman, you must have money and pay for maintain.The modern wedding is still undermined by the realities of practice: First, polygamy is accepted in most Muslim-majority countries. Although it is condemned by those who defend gender equality, some support it, even amongst women, as it appears to them as a way to spread the authority of men and thus weaken their power. Then the 'widow inheritance' which is still common in rural areas: the brother of the deceased husband marries the widow, even if he already has a wife. This is insurance for the cohesion of the thousand-fa and also for the material welfare of the widow. One should also mention infertility and the risk of HIV infection.
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Why the Wedding dress in Africa?

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 Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and  Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages So Warning!

 All girls dream of a big white dress for their wedding.It marks the passage of celibacy status to that of wife.

But what is the origin of the white wedding dress ?(African borrow this culture European Roman)

 Already during the Roman empire, the bride's dress was white.Yet in ancient Rome, it was the dress and the veil was yellow.But the tradition was lost in the Middle Ages. At that time, the girls put on their most beautiful dress or any color.The white dress reappears at the end of the 19th century, by the will of the Church. With its origin, the dress of young communicants.White represents purity, virginity and innocence of the bride.White represents perfection and light.The marriage of Queen Victoria, Britain, had a great influence on the traditions of marriage.She wore a white satin gown to symbolize purity, with a veil of orange flower garnishes.The fashion was to follow the royal example.The white dress is spreading the popular classes in the 20th century.Even today, the wedding dress is usually white in the West, although the mode returns to the color.In Asia, the dress is red, a symbol of happiness. Because white is the color of mourning.The Western tradition of the white dress begins to rependre worldwide.Consider using a photo of the bride to be printed on a greeting card and send him a few days after the wedding to thank the new couple for this wonderful celebration to which they invited you.To avoid:For a guest, wearing a white dress too. The bride must be the most beautiful! Single young bridesmaids can wear a white dress, sumptuous surroundings, obviously the bride ...

Commenter:It started with Queen Victoria of England when she married Prince Albert.
It does NOT symbolize virginity or purity....the color for that is pale BLUE!
it represents WEALTH because at that time, only the wealthy could afford a once worn dress....the 'Common folk' selected their Sunday best or a dress they could wear long after the wedding...because white dresses in those days stained easily ( NO deodorant, dirty muddy streets and crude laundry techniques)...once worn was just not practical because dresses took a lot of material and were hand sewn as well.
So a bride in a white dress was the bride's daddy BRAGGING about how wealthy he was.....
and it has now become a tradition as the common folk tend to copy the wealthy...still does as in celebs being copied by fans....
The TRUE symbol of virginity/purity is the blusher veil-it covers the face of the bride until lifted aside by the Father of The Bride.....
and the idea that any bride would announce by her gown color that her hymen is intact or not is RIDICULOUS...and probably started by some gossipy old biddy who couldn;t keep her nose out of the personal lives of others because she had no life herself...
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Why Forced Marriages in World and Africa?

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 Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages so Warning!

The practice of forced marriage was very common in European upper classes until the late nineteenth century. However western culture and organization of NATIONS UNIES today see forced marriage as a violation of human rights, since it violates the principle of freedom and individual autonomy. Was adopted the Supplementary Convention relativeà the abolition of slavery in 1956 by a plenipotentiary conference, which prohibits marriage without the right to refuse a woman as a "practices similar to slavery" and demandeaussi legislation the marriageable if necessary to prevent it. women are the most common victims but men are also forced to marry in the name of family pride, dusouhait parents or social obligation. It is still a common problem in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. In some countries, it is accompanied by the removal of lafuture bride, particularly in Kyrgyzstan: practice of ala kachuu. Forced marriage is often called "business marriage" in the Caribbean including Haiti. The expected benefit is a permanent résidencelégale in a country, or money. 1. Definition of forced marriage Forced marriage is intended to marry someone against his will.It is organized by families. These not nerespectent the consent of their child. Most often children do not want to marry the person their parents have chosen, which results in family breakdown. Cesmariages are especially intended for certain teenage girls all over the world but mainly in Africa and Asia because of the traditions and economic interest. The mariageforcé is the hardest cases. The spouses are already in current marriage, but it may be that one of them does not like the other. Then the two families are forcing those who refuse to accept the union

The phenomenon of forced marriages is recurrent in Africa. In France, it is a rather marginal . Afrik.com sought to know the causes of this fact of life that runs through Africa to arrive in France. Axelle Kabou African renowned sociologist , believes that " forced marriage is despicable. We should all be free to choose our spouses ; even if it's not that obvious for homosexuals ( in view of the opposition to the law of marriage for all , note) . But how many girls are forcibly married in France? (Little). Shake the issue of forced marriage is uniting people around a false problem .
In the northern region of Cameroon , as in many African countries, this practice is highly prevalent. An ancestral tradition that has implications for the physical and moral health of these teenagers who are forced into marriage " before their 15 years , the minimum age required by the Cameroonian Civil Code . 

Child marriage: poverty is the main cause(Stop it!)

Custom widespread early marriage jeopardizes the rights of girls and boys.The report analyzes the reasons for these early marriages, the main factor is poverty, the protection of girls from sexual harassment, but also their consequences, such as social marginalization and / or semi-slavery, sexual or not, girls.He studied the many implications of child marriage, limitation of personal freedom, the impact on health and education. For boys and girls, early marriage has profound physical, intellectual, psychological and emotional; it cuts to the root of the opportunities offered by the study and the opportunity for personal growth. In addition, girls, early marriage is "almost always mean pregnancy - which is the cause of the high rate of maternal mortality - and premature delivery and a lifetime of domestic and sexual subservience over which they n 'have no power. " Teenage girls are also more likely than women aged sexually transmitted diseases, HIV / AIDS included. The prejudice prevailing in several countries that the fact of sleeping with a virgin cures HIV / AIDS, dangerously increase this vulnerability.Poverty is one of the main foundations of child marriage. In Bangladesh, parents facing poverty are persuaded to part with their daughters by marriage promises or false marriages, which actually serve to attract girls to force them into prostitution abroad. Reports from Iraq indicate that the phenomenon of early marriage is increasing, growth is in direct proportion to that of poverty.

Abuse is common in child marriages

Data from Egypt indicates that 29 percent of adolescent brides have been beaten by their husbands (or husband and others) and, of these adolescents, 41 percent had been beaten during pregnancy. A study in Jordan published in 2000 shows that 26 percent of reported cases of domestic violence were committed against wives under 18 years.

Domestic violence causes, in desperation, a few girls opt for the fugue. "Those that do, says the report, and those who choose their spouse against the advice of parents, may be punished or even killed by their families. These girls are at risk of being" killed by honor ", as seen in Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey and elsewhere.  

Preventing child marriage through moral and academical education...

To prevent child marriage a wide range of organizations and individuals, from community leaders to international bodies, decided to act. A first step is to inform parents and young parents of the negative consequences of early marriage so that they can prevent it.Education is the key to this process. Persuading parents to keep their daughters in school is an essential element of comprehensive development of girls - and of delayed marriage. Sri Lanka and the Indian state of Kerala are eloquent examples. In both countries, the age of first marriage is high. Both have also given priority to the education of girls. The report stresses that "the way men and women perceive their roles and their ability has changed and has led to support greater rights for women, compared to that which is found in several other countries (the 'South Asia)".For girls who are already married, services must be developed to advise on important issues ranging from abuse to reproduction. Girls aged 15 to 19 give birth to 15 million babies a year. Many of them give birth without having had recourse to an antenatal clinic or receiving the help of a professional midwife, which can have serious consequences on the health of the mother and child.

Do you have a good advice or indication? Please Write to me!
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Conditions of women in Ivory Coast?

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Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and  Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages So Warning!

Engagement. Wedding

In some tribes, the girl may be betrothed by her mother at birth. A cord is attached to the right arm of the child so engaged 8. But this promise has value only insofar as future spouses and parents agree at the time of engagement. The consent of the girl is indeed necessary, but only when the marriage is to be decided. If it is ignored in Neyaux Bas-Sassandra and in other cases quite exceptional, we can say that this consent is respected in most tribes.The girl is still young bride, to eight years in Ouarébos Toumodi, often when she is nubile; however, until her marriage can not take place before puberty, she is free of her body and frequently has lovers.
The marriage proposal was made by friends of the future, by a griot, a talker who zealously defend the cause of his comrade *; it is sometimes made by a woman charged with sense the mother of the girl or finally by the future and his parents. The young man give the person appointed to that task a gift usually consisting of loincloths, meat or tobacco. In Djiminis and Diamalas of Parliament for Dabakala, once the request has been approved, the future and her parents visit, accompanied by a few friends among the parents of the girl where appropriate a special ceremony. The future presents a walnut cola package to one of his friends who opens it. It takes twelve of which it is a package in the presence of all, indicating that formality that parents and future spouses are engaged and not be able to. reverse their decision. Other nuts are distributed to those present.During the engagement, in some groupements6, the girl is living some time with her future husband; in others it remains family-box until the mariage7. Engagement lead.1 In this comparative study, I made the case and my personal observations and information collected scattered in various parts of the colony and by the officers. * Abbeys, Ngbans, Gouros .... 3 Nzi-Gomoé. * Gouros. Diola, Agnis of Indénié, Djiminis ... 5 Ngbans of Ouossou. 6 Gouros, Ngbans of Ouossou. 7 Neyaux.administrators.

 more than marriage, to parties, to binge drinking, in feast, Finally, it is customary for the young man sends gifts to his future in-laws and the girl. To this, the Mande -Dioula sends colas and meat, Ngban mats and jewelry. The father of the girl is wearing the Ngban gin or palm wine, a mother of salt or loincloths.

At Bondoukou where Islam has left a deep enough impression, marriage, the date is fixed by the mother leads to parties for a period of seven days, including the ceremony of cloth that offers analogies one used in North Africa. Virginity is rarely a marriage condition in the sylvan region. It is required in Abrons and Koulangos but if this condition is not met the woman escaped with a few strokes and the obligation to denounce his accomplice "who are charged the cost of the party to which the given marriage place.

Dot(Dowry (Define as SELLING-do not sell a human!)
The delivery of the dowry, the Ivory Coast, the true formality of marriage. It is made by the parents or future parents of the girl. It is thus conceived as the birth of a daughter to be greeted with more joy than a boy because it will be a source of income for his parents.The dot value differs according to the tribes and the tribes themselves according to the condition of the parents. In Adioukrous dowry is 35 francs at the Abbeys of 150 francs in Agnis of 75 francs Morénou. It is reduced to a gift of twenty francs in Ngbans, a beaded gift in loincloths or meat in Ngbans of Ouossou. Gouro in countries where the dot is high, its payment can be made by installments; but promises to pay drag on and are rarely kept. Most often it is given in cattle; it is worth 500 to 1,000 francs and 2,000 francs can reach. However, in crossbred Gouros Oumé, it drops to two oxen worth 250 francs, two sheep from 25 to 30 francs and even some cloths given to the mother of the girl at marriage . In Lower Gavally, dowry is two oxen, and more generally of a kid, a bag of salt and some cooking utensils. Discount among the Diola by the father of the future, it is for the poor as for the rich people of two oxen. Finally, in Neyaux dowry is worth 250 francs paid in shackles * and loincloths; it amounts to 440 francs in the case of a woman who was already married. 

 Polygamy is an institution to which African blacks Western
are very attached. Thus, indigenous newspapers in Lagos, written in English by the cultivated black element, discuss very strongly at the moment, the foundation of an independent Christian church allows polygamy.The woman is a sign and a source of wealth. A they return the most arduous work. Also very rare are the nations where monogamy is the rule. However, the reports fairly common in Ouarébos and some groups of the lagoon area. Another cause of polygamy result of what the woman must refrain from any relationship with the man for at least the last six months of pregnancy and throughout the breastfeeding duration which varies the time the child starts to walk until the age of two, three and even four. A third cause of polygamy is the ease for a head of somewhat easy box, increase the number of women because of the low value of the dowry.Vice Admiral Fleuriot de Langle quoted a final reason for polygamy among the Grébos BasCavally, "A man, he wrote, is the more powerful it has more alliances, and the number of stepfathers among many in the individual influence of each. " The single woman was also too much to do. "When they both argue, tell me my black, we take a third as a counterweight; but then they start two against one, and the equilibrium is restored when we take a fourth; Figure the number four perfect harmony. Although they say, the devil loses nothing; they then begin in battle, two by two, because the black woman combative mood. "1If Islamized tribes in the North, it is rare that a man has more than four wives, in the woods, wealthy chiefs had up to fifteen and twenty 2 course at the expense of young people who find it difficult to marry and are forced to poach even women of their father.In any event, first, births suffer from polygamy, on the other hand, our native courts have too much to deal with questions of adultery which this institution is the efficient cause.

Adultery(Human must lov!)
Young people do not always have the dowry of value to get married, the crime of adultery is common. It is unfortunately for some complacent husbands a source of income. They do not hesitate to provoke, seeing clearer in the case that the opportunity
to levy a fine most of time quite strong, fifty francs over much of coastal shoreline of the colony.In many tribes, the woman guilty and sometimes accomplice, were put to death. Besides the woman suffered corporal punishment (considerable number of ray tail shots, set peg in the genitals, etc.). In Gouros of Zuénoula, flogging was practiced or the cutting part of a knife was placed without delicacy on the head or shoulders of the guilty. Since the establishment of our domination of the country, women are much corrected, but the accomplice who is most worried. The fine that it is required to pay varies according to groups and social status of the deceived husband. She is 5 francs to 100 francs (by value) in Gouros Oumé from 14 francs to 450 francs in Akoués., 15 to 100 francs in the Agni Sanwi. She is among Ngbans of 60 francs Ouossou a family head, 60 francs and a sheep in a village chief, 60 francs and several sheep was a tribal chief. At lesNeyaux the tiompé husband was going to ask the accomplice to give him his own wife.When the offense was committed by the husband, the wife may, in many tribes, require him or the payment of compensation, or the giving of a gift.
Divorce (traumatic shock of a lifetime,please warning!)

The divorce exists in Ivory Coast; it is even a current fact in many areas. However, it became more common since the prohibition of corporal punishment as a penalty for adultery. Divorce causes are many. Among the main, we must mention Dr. assault and incompatibility. In some tribes, it may be pronounced only on the desire of one spouse. The disease is rarely the cause.Divorce is granted either by the village chief or by the joint families or by the father or mother of the woman. Except for Agni Baoule where they follow the mother, the children usually go to the father who takes care of their food and maintenance. However, they remain with the mother during breastfeeding. The divorced woman retoupne in his family, but it is free and can remarry immediately.The dowry is paid in full or in part by the following woman's parents prior, even if the divorce was granted to the husband of wrongs.

Fate of married women in the home
If all the heavy work has borne the wife, if the husband's property, his property, it is nonetheless true that it is not unhappy in the family where often enjoys e'Ie an unquestionable authority. Some women are also village heads or group and have a real influence in the palaver. The woman hardly all day: she raises her children, she worked on plantations, she prepares food, she participated in the construction of the box, it leads the dugout and did portering for household needs; but precisely because it renders valuable services in the home, his voice is heard and their influence on humans is large. It is free and the husband can not dispose to engage% for the rent or prostitution. The first woman enjoys special authority. It controls the other, she frequently authority over all the children of the box, especially on girls. The husband who wants to take another wife must obtain the consent of the first in which all need a certain deference. In general, women have their time clearly defined, and often it is the first woman he returns to divide the work and distribute it. Sometimes the custody of the treasure is entrusted. It is, in short, the mistress of the box. 
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Why traditional marriage in Africa before be legaly bridal?

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Remark:The truth is Agreement of parents and Sexual relation between Hisband and his Wife .No before and No Forced marriage.So warning!

In general, African traditional marriage are 3 important things that summarizes most often by "dot" that some African legislation recognizes. Thus we have: The meeting and the presentation of two families, the official presentation of the gifts, and the rite of union itself. Each phase requires specific expenditure items, constitutes intense moments of unforgettable celebrations for couples. What are these phases?Afro marriage brings you briefly some light:

Why traditional marriage in Africa before be legaly bridal?

http://adf.ly/1ZQlxD  Whether in North Africa, South Eastern, Central or Western ... customary marriages exist in different forms and vary in some features closely. This important ceremony that values parents-and the two families, takes place in the family of the woman who is honored. Its goal is to unite in holy matrimony two families (if monogamy) or groups (if depolygamie).

The meeting and the presentation of two families
In fact before this phase, certain steps have already been taken by the family of the bridegroom among influential members of the family of the bride. So in fact the presentation of the two is the official phase of the operation. During this phase of protocol on the bride and groom who are low profile, cede authority to the two heads of families who occupy the first places that night, and that entrust (their separate) the bargaining power a diplomat person, gifted with tact and "know how to speak."Thus, in a ritual atmosphere, the diplomat (A) chosen by the bride householder asks the host family (the groom) to appear (affiliation, rank nobility, Etc ...) and give reasons for their visit in the concession. The diplomat (B) chosen by the family head of the bridegroom, without first answer that comes to pick the woman uses different phrases and language packages to deliver the most courteous answers, diplomatic and indirect. This game answers questions, leads to acceptance of the family of the bridegroom by the bride, gift exchange phase or acquires begins.

Phase gifts: dowry(defined as selling according to Dictionary)

For us this part of marriage is simply the moment of hypocrisy, or haggling over the thing (the daughter married) In Europe it is in EURO the bride must pay its large dowry.It is the hard phase of Commerce human another form nous.Please excuse us but when anyone selling his daughter for the simple reason that the general who comes to marry his wife is a lot of money etc. 

Indeed, this phase is generally that of the official presentation of some symbolic material demands, required by the parents of the bride in recognition of various educational efforts, protection, nutrition that were able to provide their daughters with departure will create a vacuum see a loss with them. This is also the time to officially hand over to the bride's symbolic gift which varies by crop (loincloth fabric, jewelry, shoes, silver etc.).the symbolism here is to formally show that the bride will not suffer. Some gifts (usually money in cash) are delivered confidentially to parents and some important members of the beautiful family. Official gifts to give this days, are varied and depend tribes or ethnic groups. For example in some Beti peoples in Cameroon, step parents can symbolically require a giant pork, home appliances, some cod cartons, or a particular brand of wine

The union rite symbol of union for life 

 Originally this rite symbolizes the union of two families for all eternity. Divorce does not exist in most African cultures. It is for these reasons that in some tribes, widows were entitled to marry a brother of their late husband and the heir had the right to treat women like his father his after the death of this one. This logic which until today still exists in some tribe of the center or West Africa, demonstrates the marriage bond of eternity in Africa.It is for this reason that in general, when some union rites for traditional marriage, customary officiating symbolic mix two different drinks (palm wine and red wine, for example) which become homogeneous, and are boirele Drinkware both future spouses; By this act symboliqueces future spouses swear before the assistance they agree to be unispour lifetime. And to symbolize acceptance, usually the bride gives the head of their family, a drink and a strong fruit to symbolize ethnicity (Kola, dates, milk, palm wine ...), which in turn distributes to all assistance . After this final phase that ends in the festivities, the groom's family can go now with their new wife.In future articles, we will detail the different phases and in the case of African-Western peoples (Antilles, Martinique, Guillanais ...)

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Aida&anthon Bridal Day

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REMARK: The truth marriage is Sexual  relation Between Husband and his Wife,No before!
The Weddings party room 

The choice of the reception room is an essential step in the organization of a wedding. What auswählen formulas: rent June wedding hall? CHOOSE A wedding Restaurant? Rent June wedding tent pour organizer this outdoor event? CHOOSE not pay castle? The choices are endless!

The meal after the wedding also plays an important role in all your preparations. Many questions arise: who to call for the meal? The wedding caterer and popular. He takes care of meals and can also arrange the cocktail. Who do you trust the realization of the cake, the wedding cake or other cakes equally appetizing? How would you compose your wedding menu, what are the quantities expected, how to print the menus? Finally, how to arrange the seating plan, key to a successful atmosphere?

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