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More than a meeting with two people, the marriage has long brought together two families under the terms of a contract of which only the politician is guarantor. But, as man is essentially religious, the encounter with the other in the context of marriage has also been the encounter with God, which makes the matrimonial relationship a reality that goes beyond the mere human person.

Nowadays, many people wonder why one has to go to the city hall, still less to the Church to show their love.As if to make up for lost time, the two lovers decide, without the knowledge of all, human rights oblige, to live together without notifying anyone.From guilty concubinage, we move to free unions that do not respect any norm: it is "freedom". The definition of marriage, which in the usual dictionaries is "the legal union of a man and a woman" tends to inhibit this duality "man-woman" to be "a legal union between two people". If we do no…
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Modern Wedding&Traditional Marriage In Africa

Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and  Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages So Warning!

Traditional Wedding
In traditional society, marriage is essential for the survival of the group. He had to prepare from an early age until the day of the engagement. Everything was set, the first contacts, the engagement and the conclusion by the marriage. In some countries, people still speak of custom engagement, children (boy and girl) whose parents have decided the marriage in early childhood. But this practice is disappearing. The choice of the bride is done either by the father of the boy or the boy himself who proposed the approval of his father.What remains is the meaning of marriage: in addition to unite people, it also unites two families. One of the symbols of this reality is the practice of dowry. It is paid by the groom to the family of his future in various forms (work, money or material goods). In fact, it compensates the loss …

Why the Wedding dress in Africa?

Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and  Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages So Warning!

Allgirls dream of a big white dress for their wedding.It marks the passage of celibacy status to that of wife.

But what is the origin of the white wedding dress ?(African borrow this culture European Roman)
Already during the Roman empire, the bride's dress was white.Yet in ancient Rome, it was the dress and the veil was yellow.But the tradition was lost in the Middle Ages. At that time, the girls put on their most beautiful dress or any color.The white dress reappears at the end of the 19th century, by the will of the Church. With its origin, the dress of young communicants.White represents purity, virginity and innocence of the bride.White represents perfection and light.The marriage of Queen Victoria, Britain, had a great influence on the traditions of marriage.She wore a white satin gown to symbolize purity, with a veil of orange flower …

Why Forced Marriages in World and Africa?

 Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages so Warning!

The practice of forced marriage was very common in European upper classes until the late nineteenth century. However western culture and organization of NATIONS UNIES today see forced marriage as a violation of human rights, since it violates the principle of freedom and individual autonomy. Was adopted the Supplementary Convention relativeà the abolition of slavery in 1956 by a plenipotentiary conference, which prohibits marriage without the right to refuse a woman as a "practices similar to slavery" and demandeaussi legislation the marriageable if necessary to prevent it. women are the most common victims but men are also forced to marry in the name of family pride, dusouhait parents or social obligation. It is still a common problem in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. In some countries, it is accompanied by the re…

Conditions of women in Ivory Coast?

Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and  Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages So Warning!

Engagement. Wedding

In some tribes, the girl may be betrothed by her mother at birth. A cord is attached to the right arm of the child so engaged 8. But this promise has value only insofar as future spouses and parents agree at the time of engagement. The consent of the girl is indeed necessary, but only when the marriage is to be decided. If it is ignored in Neyaux Bas-Sassandra and in other cases quite exceptional, we can say that this consent is respected in most tribes.The girl is still young bride, to eight years in Ouarébos Toumodi, often when she is nubile; however, until her marriage can not take place before puberty, she is free of her body and frequently has lovers.
The marriage proposal was made by friends of the future, by a griot, a talker who zealously defend the cause of his comrade *; it is sometimes made by a woman charged…

Why traditional marriage in Africa before be legaly bridal?

Remark:The truth is Agreement of parents and Sexual relation between Hisband and his Wife .No before and No Forced marriage.So warning!

In general, African traditional marriage are 3 important things that summarizes most often by "dot" that some African legislation recognizes. Thus we have: The meeting and the presentation of two families, the official presentation of the gifts, and the rite of union itself. Each phase requires specific expenditure items, constitutes intense moments of unforgettable celebrations for couples. What are these phases?Afro marriage brings you briefly some light:

Why traditional marriage in Africa before be legaly bridal?

Whether in North Africa, South Eastern, Central or Western ... customary marriages exist in different forms and vary in some features closely. This important ceremony that values parents-and the two families, takes place in the family of the woman who is honored. Its goal is to unite in holy matrimony two families (if monogamy) or g…

Aida&anthon Bridal Day

REMARK:The truth marriage is Sexual  relation Between Husband and his Wife,No before!
The Weddings party room

The choice of the reception room is an essential step in the organization of a wedding. What auswählen formulas: rent June wedding hall? CHOOSE A wedding Restaurant? Rent June wedding tent pour organizer this outdoor event? CHOOSE not pay castle? The choices are endless!
The meal
The mealafter the wedding also plays an important role in all your preparations. Many questions arise: who to call for the meal? The wedding caterer and popular. He takes care of meals and can also arrange the cocktail. Who do you trust the realization of the cake, the wedding cake or other cakes equally appetizing? How would youcompose your wedding menu, what are the quantities expected, how to print the menus? Finally, how to arrange the seating plan, key to a successful atmosphere?