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Conditions of women in Ivory Coast?

Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and  Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages So Warning!

Engagement. Wedding

In some tribes, the girl may be betrothed by her mother at birth. A cord is attached to the right arm of the child so engaged 8. But this promise has value only insofar as future spouses and parents agree at the time of engagement. The consent of the girl is indeed necessary, but only when the marriage is to be decided. If it is ignored in Neyaux Bas-Sassandra and in other cases quite exceptional, we can say that this consent is respected in most tribes.The girl is still young bride, to eight years in Ouarébos Toumodi, often when she is nubile; however, until her marriage can not take place before puberty, she is free of her body and frequently has lovers.
The marriage proposal was made by friends of the future, by a griot, a talker who zealously defend the cause of his comrade *; it is sometimes made by a woman charged with sense the mother of the girl or finally by the future and his parents. The young man give the person appointed to that task a gift usually consisting of loincloths, meat or tobacco. In Djiminis and Diamalas of Parliament for Dabakala, once the request has been approved, the future and her parents visit, accompanied by a few friends among the parents of the girl where appropriate a special ceremony. The future presents a walnut cola package to one of his friends who opens it. It takes twelve of which it is a package in the presence of all, indicating that formality that parents and future spouses are engaged and not be able to. reverse their decision. Other nuts are distributed to those present.During the engagement, in some groupements6, the girl is living some time with her future husband; in others it remains family-box until the mariage7. Engagement lead.1 In this comparative study, I made the case and my personal observations and information collected scattered in various parts of the colony and by the officers. * Abbeys, Ngbans, Gouros .... 3 Nzi-Gomoé. * Gouros. Diola, Agnis of Indénié, Djiminis ... 5 Ngbans of Ouossou. 6 Gouros, Ngbans of Ouossou. 7 Neyaux.administrators.

 more than marriage, to parties, to binge drinking, in feast, Finally, it is customary for the young man sends gifts to his future in-laws and the girl. To this, the Mande -Dioula sends colas and meat, Ngban mats and jewelry. The father of the girl is wearing the Ngban gin or palm wine, a mother of salt or loincloths.

At Bondoukou where Islam has left a deep enough impression, marriage, the date is fixed by the mother leads to parties for a period of seven days, including the ceremony of cloth that offers analogies one used in North Africa. Virginity is rarely a marriage condition in the sylvan region. It is required in Abrons and Koulangos but if this condition is not met the woman escaped with a few strokes and the obligation to denounce his accomplice "who are charged the cost of the party to which the given marriage place.

Dot(Dowry (Define as SELLING-do not sell a human!)
The delivery of the dowry, the Ivory Coast, the true formality of marriage. It is made by the parents or future parents of the girl. It is thus conceived as the birth of a daughter to be greeted with more joy than a boy because it will be a source of income for his parents.The dot value differs according to the tribes and the tribes themselves according to the condition of the parents. In Adioukrous dowry is 35 francs at the Abbeys of 150 francs in Agnis of 75 francs Morénou. It is reduced to a gift of twenty francs in Ngbans, a beaded gift in loincloths or meat in Ngbans of Ouossou. Gouro in countries where the dot is high, its payment can be made by installments; but promises to pay drag on and are rarely kept. Most often it is given in cattle; it is worth 500 to 1,000 francs and 2,000 francs can reach. However, in crossbred Gouros Oumé, it drops to two oxen worth 250 francs, two sheep from 25 to 30 francs and even some cloths given to the mother of the girl at marriage . In Lower Gavally, dowry is two oxen, and more generally of a kid, a bag of salt and some cooking utensils. Discount among the Diola by the father of the future, it is for the poor as for the rich people of two oxen. Finally, in Neyaux dowry is worth 250 francs paid in shackles * and loincloths; it amounts to 440 francs in the case of a woman who was already married. 

 Polygamy is an institution to which African blacks Western
are very attached. Thus, indigenous newspapers in Lagos, written in English by the cultivated black element, discuss very strongly at the moment, the foundation of an independent Christian church allows polygamy.The woman is a sign and a source of wealth. A they return the most arduous work. Also very rare are the nations where monogamy is the rule. However, the reports fairly common in Ouarébos and some groups of the lagoon area. Another cause of polygamy result of what the woman must refrain from any relationship with the man for at least the last six months of pregnancy and throughout the breastfeeding duration which varies the time the child starts to walk until the age of two, three and even four. A third cause of polygamy is the ease for a head of somewhat easy box, increase the number of women because of the low value of the dowry.Vice Admiral Fleuriot de Langle quoted a final reason for polygamy among the Grébos BasCavally, "A man, he wrote, is the more powerful it has more alliances, and the number of stepfathers among many in the individual influence of each. " The single woman was also too much to do. "When they both argue, tell me my black, we take a third as a counterweight; but then they start two against one, and the equilibrium is restored when we take a fourth; Figure the number four perfect harmony. Although they say, the devil loses nothing; they then begin in battle, two by two, because the black woman combative mood. "1If Islamized tribes in the North, it is rare that a man has more than four wives, in the woods, wealthy chiefs had up to fifteen and twenty 2 course at the expense of young people who find it difficult to marry and are forced to poach even women of their father.In any event, first, births suffer from polygamy, on the other hand, our native courts have too much to deal with questions of adultery which this institution is the efficient cause.

Adultery(Human must lov!)
Young people do not always have the dowry of value to get married, the crime of adultery is common. It is unfortunately for some complacent husbands a source of income. They do not hesitate to provoke, seeing clearer in the case that the opportunity
to levy a fine most of time quite strong, fifty francs over much of coastal shoreline of the colony.In many tribes, the woman guilty and sometimes accomplice, were put to death. Besides the woman suffered corporal punishment (considerable number of ray tail shots, set peg in the genitals, etc.). In Gouros of Zuénoula, flogging was practiced or the cutting part of a knife was placed without delicacy on the head or shoulders of the guilty. Since the establishment of our domination of the country, women are much corrected, but the accomplice who is most worried. The fine that it is required to pay varies according to groups and social status of the deceived husband. She is 5 francs to 100 francs (by value) in Gouros Oumé from 14 francs to 450 francs in Akoués., 15 to 100 francs in the Agni Sanwi. She is among Ngbans of 60 francs Ouossou a family head, 60 francs and a sheep in a village chief, 60 francs and several sheep was a tribal chief. At lesNeyaux the tiompé husband was going to ask the accomplice to give him his own wife.When the offense was committed by the husband, the wife may, in many tribes, require him or the payment of compensation, or the giving of a gift.
Divorce (traumatic shock of a lifetime,please warning!)

The divorce exists in Ivory Coast; it is even a current fact in many areas. However, it became more common since the prohibition of corporal punishment as a penalty for adultery. Divorce causes are many. Among the main, we must mention Dr. assault and incompatibility. In some tribes, it may be pronounced only on the desire of one spouse. The disease is rarely the cause.Divorce is granted either by the village chief or by the joint families or by the father or mother of the woman. Except for Agni Baoule where they follow the mother, the children usually go to the father who takes care of their food and maintenance. However, they remain with the mother during breastfeeding. The divorced woman retoupne in his family, but it is free and can remarry immediately.The dowry is paid in full or in part by the following woman's parents prior, even if the divorce was granted to the husband of wrongs.

Fate of married women in the home
If all the heavy work has borne the wife, if the husband's property, his property, it is nonetheless true that it is not unhappy in the family where often enjoys e'Ie an unquestionable authority. Some women are also village heads or group and have a real influence in the palaver. The woman hardly all day: she raises her children, she worked on plantations, she prepares food, she participated in the construction of the box, it leads the dugout and did portering for household needs; but precisely because it renders valuable services in the home, his voice is heard and their influence on humans is large. It is free and the husband can not dispose to engage% for the rent or prostitution. The first woman enjoys special authority. It controls the other, she frequently authority over all the children of the box, especially on girls. The husband who wants to take another wife must obtain the consent of the first in which all need a certain deference. In general, women have their time clearly defined, and often it is the first woman he returns to divide the work and distribute it. Sometimes the custody of the treasure is entrusted. It is, in short, the mistress of the box. 

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