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Why the Wedding dress in Africa?

 Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and  Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages So Warning!

 All girls dream of a big white dress for their wedding.It marks the passage of celibacy status to that of wife.

But what is the origin of the white wedding dress ?(African borrow this culture European Roman)

 Already during the Roman empire, the bride's dress was white.Yet in ancient Rome, it was the dress and the veil was yellow.But the tradition was lost in the Middle Ages. At that time, the girls put on their most beautiful dress or any color.The white dress reappears at the end of the 19th century, by the will of the Church. With its origin, the dress of young communicants.White represents purity, virginity and innocence of the bride.White represents perfection and light.The marriage of Queen Victoria, Britain, had a great influence on the traditions of marriage.She wore a white satin gown to symbolize purity, with a veil of orange flower garnishes.The fashion was to follow the royal example.The white dress is spreading the popular classes in the 20th century.Even today, the wedding dress is usually white in the West, although the mode returns to the color.In Asia, the dress is red, a symbol of happiness. Because white is the color of mourning.The Western tradition of the white dress begins to rependre worldwide.Consider using a photo of the bride to be printed on a greeting card and send him a few days after the wedding to thank the new couple for this wonderful celebration to which they invited you.To avoid:For a guest, wearing a white dress too. The bride must be the most beautiful! Single young bridesmaids can wear a white dress, sumptuous surroundings, obviously the bride ...

Commenter:It started with Queen Victoria of England when she married Prince Albert.
It does NOT symbolize virginity or purity....the color for that is pale BLUE!
it represents WEALTH because at that time, only the wealthy could afford a once worn dress....the 'Common folk' selected their Sunday best or a dress they could wear long after the wedding...because white dresses in those days stained easily ( NO deodorant, dirty muddy streets and crude laundry techniques)...once worn was just not practical because dresses took a lot of material and were hand sewn as well.
So a bride in a white dress was the bride's daddy BRAGGING about how wealthy he was.....
and it has now become a tradition as the common folk tend to copy the wealthy...still does as in celebs being copied by fans....
The TRUE symbol of virginity/purity is the blusher veil-it covers the face of the bride until lifted aside by the Father of The Bride.....
and the idea that any bride would announce by her gown color that her hymen is intact or not is RIDICULOUS...and probably started by some gossipy old biddy who couldn;t keep her nose out of the personal lives of others because she had no life herself...

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Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and  Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages So Warning!

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