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Modern Wedding&Traditional Marriage In Africa

 Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and  Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages So Warning!

 Traditional Wedding 
In traditional society, marriage is essential for the survival of the group. He had to prepare from an early age until the day of the engagement. Everything was set, the first contacts, the engagement and the conclusion by the marriage. In some countries, people still speak of custom engagement, children (boy and girl) whose parents have decided the marriage in early childhood. But this practice is disappearing. The choice of the bride is done either by the father of the boy or the boy himself who proposed the approval of his father.What remains is the meaning of marriage: in addition to unite people, it also unites two families. One of the symbols of this reality is the practice of dowry. It is paid by the groom to the family of his future in various forms (work, money or material goods). In fact, it compensates the loss caused by the departure of the daughter of another family. Please replace the fruitfulness of force that is given and clearly mark the union of two families. However, in recent years, the weight of the dowry often becomes an obstacle to marriage. The families of the boys struggling to raise the exorbitant sum demanded by the girl's parents. Losing his sense of alliance symbol, dowry has become a source of income.Despite these abuses, the community dimension is one of the most important features of the African wedding. It is still considered the center around which the whole life of the community. There will encounter the living, the dead and the "not-yet-born." These three categories of people form a single three-dimensional community.

Modern wedding 
Today, young people, both rural and urban, are heavily influenced by new and modern ideas. Everyone wants to choose her partner for marriage and parents hardly have to intervene in this choice. But the choice can be difficult because it commits the partners for many years, and many are afraid to commit for life. They prefer the provisional and are satisfied with a test married life. It is therefore important that young people take responsibility if they want to grow up and grow the company. But the motives for marriage can be diverse. Many marry out of obligation or to find safety and social respect. Especially make sure the next day.In town mainly, money plays an important part in the choice of future husband. Male or female, everyone wants to first succeed professionally, have a comfortable position before engaging. This causes many young women to choose their husbands after its financial asset. "Whatever its beauty, love, behavior, if his bag is filled, that's it. "Unfortunately, the reality is often different. Married, they will quickly face the real behavior of man, unfaithful and arrogant because of his wealth.Another problem in many countries, many men do not have the courage to take a woman who has done extensive studies. They are afraid that it is not easily lead, especially since, in his work, it will also bring its share in the home.Consequence of this waiting in the young, the resurgence of sex before marriage. If man, freer of his body, can increase the number of its partners, it is also one which must ensure 'stewardship': to go out with a woman, you must have money and pay for maintain.The modern wedding is still undermined by the realities of practice: First, polygamy is accepted in most Muslim-majority countries. Although it is condemned by those who defend gender equality, some support it, even amongst women, as it appears to them as a way to spread the authority of men and thus weaken their power. Then the 'widow inheritance' which is still common in rural areas: the brother of the deceased husband marries the widow, even if he already has a wife. This is insurance for the cohesion of the thousand-fa and also for the material welfare of the widow. One should also mention infertility and the risk of HIV infection.

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Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and  Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages So Warning!

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