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Why traditional marriage in Africa before be legaly bridal?

Remark:The truth is Agreement of parents and Sexual relation between Hisband and his Wife .No before and No Forced marriage.So warning!

In general, African traditional marriage are 3 important things that summarizes most often by "dot" that some African legislation recognizes. Thus we have: The meeting and the presentation of two families, the official presentation of the gifts, and the rite of union itself. Each phase requires specific expenditure items, constitutes intense moments of unforgettable celebrations for couples. What are these phases?Afro marriage brings you briefly some light:

Why traditional marriage in Africa before be legaly bridal?

Whether in North Africa, South Eastern, Central or Western ... customary marriages exist in different forms and vary in some features closely. This important ceremony that values parents-and the two families, takes place in the family of the woman who is honored. Its goal is to unite in holy matrimony two families (if monogamy) or g…