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Why Forced Marriages in World and Africa?

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 Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages so Warning!

The practice of forced marriage was very common in European upper classes until the late nineteenth century. However western culture and organization of NATIONS UNIES today see forced marriage as a violation of human rights, since it violates the principle of freedom and individual autonomy. Was adopted the Supplementary Convention relativeà the abolition of slavery in 1956 by a plenipotentiary conference, which prohibits marriage without the right to refuse a woman as a "practices similar to slavery" and demandeaussi legislation the marriageable if necessary to prevent it. women are the most common victims but men are also forced to marry in the name of family pride, dusouhait parents or social obligation. It is still a common problem in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. In some countries, it is accompanied by the removal of lafuture bride, particularly in Kyrgyzstan: practice of ala kachuu. Forced marriage is often called "business marriage" in the Caribbean including Haiti. The expected benefit is a permanent résidencelégale in a country, or money. 1. Definition of forced marriage Forced marriage is intended to marry someone against his will.It is organized by families. These not nerespectent the consent of their child. Most often children do not want to marry the person their parents have chosen, which results in family breakdown. Cesmariages are especially intended for certain teenage girls all over the world but mainly in Africa and Asia because of the traditions and economic interest. The mariageforcé is the hardest cases. The spouses are already in current marriage, but it may be that one of them does not like the other. Then the two families are forcing those who refuse to accept the union

The phenomenon of forced marriages is recurrent in Africa. In France, it is a rather marginal . sought to know the causes of this fact of life that runs through Africa to arrive in France. Axelle Kabou African renowned sociologist , believes that " forced marriage is despicable. We should all be free to choose our spouses ; even if it's not that obvious for homosexuals ( in view of the opposition to the law of marriage for all , note) . But how many girls are forcibly married in France? (Little). Shake the issue of forced marriage is uniting people around a false problem .
In the northern region of Cameroon , as in many African countries, this practice is highly prevalent. An ancestral tradition that has implications for the physical and moral health of these teenagers who are forced into marriage " before their 15 years , the minimum age required by the Cameroonian Civil Code . 

Child marriage: poverty is the main cause(Stop it!)

Custom widespread early marriage jeopardizes the rights of girls and boys.The report analyzes the reasons for these early marriages, the main factor is poverty, the protection of girls from sexual harassment, but also their consequences, such as social marginalization and / or semi-slavery, sexual or not, girls.He studied the many implications of child marriage, limitation of personal freedom, the impact on health and education. For boys and girls, early marriage has profound physical, intellectual, psychological and emotional; it cuts to the root of the opportunities offered by the study and the opportunity for personal growth. In addition, girls, early marriage is "almost always mean pregnancy - which is the cause of the high rate of maternal mortality - and premature delivery and a lifetime of domestic and sexual subservience over which they n 'have no power. " Teenage girls are also more likely than women aged sexually transmitted diseases, HIV / AIDS included. The prejudice prevailing in several countries that the fact of sleeping with a virgin cures HIV / AIDS, dangerously increase this vulnerability.Poverty is one of the main foundations of child marriage. In Bangladesh, parents facing poverty are persuaded to part with their daughters by marriage promises or false marriages, which actually serve to attract girls to force them into prostitution abroad. Reports from Iraq indicate that the phenomenon of early marriage is increasing, growth is in direct proportion to that of poverty.

Abuse is common in child marriages

Data from Egypt indicates that 29 percent of adolescent brides have been beaten by their husbands (or husband and others) and, of these adolescents, 41 percent had been beaten during pregnancy. A study in Jordan published in 2000 shows that 26 percent of reported cases of domestic violence were committed against wives under 18 years.

Domestic violence causes, in desperation, a few girls opt for the fugue. "Those that do, says the report, and those who choose their spouse against the advice of parents, may be punished or even killed by their families. These girls are at risk of being" killed by honor ", as seen in Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey and elsewhere.  

Preventing child marriage through moral and academical education...

To prevent child marriage a wide range of organizations and individuals, from community leaders to international bodies, decided to act. A first step is to inform parents and young parents of the negative consequences of early marriage so that they can prevent it.Education is the key to this process. Persuading parents to keep their daughters in school is an essential element of comprehensive development of girls - and of delayed marriage. Sri Lanka and the Indian state of Kerala are eloquent examples. In both countries, the age of first marriage is high. Both have also given priority to the education of girls. The report stresses that "the way men and women perceive their roles and their ability has changed and has led to support greater rights for women, compared to that which is found in several other countries (the 'South Asia)".For girls who are already married, services must be developed to advise on important issues ranging from abuse to reproduction. Girls aged 15 to 19 give birth to 15 million babies a year. Many of them give birth without having had recourse to an antenatal clinic or receiving the help of a professional midwife, which can have serious consequences on the health of the mother and child.

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