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Why Forced Marriages in World and Africa?

 Remark:The truth marriage is Agreement of Parents and Sexual Relation between Man and Woman ,No before&against Forced marriages so Warning!

The practice of forced marriage was very common in European upper classes until the late nineteenth century. However western culture and organization of NATIONS UNIES today see forced marriage as a violation of human rights, since it violates the principle of freedom and individual autonomy. Was adopted the Supplementary Convention relativeà the abolition of slavery in 1956 by a plenipotentiary conference, which prohibits marriage without the right to refuse a woman as a "practices similar to slavery" and demandeaussi legislation the marriageable if necessary to prevent it. women are the most common victims but men are also forced to marry in the name of family pride, dusouhait parents or social obligation. It is still a common problem in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. In some countries, it is accompanied by the re…