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Hi and welcome to congratulations for free access to my case study which reveals the source of free traffic that sent me over 10,000 vivistors and paid me $ 445.61!
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The free traffic generator and income revealed!What if I told you that there is a way to get paid to send traffic to your own website or affiliate offers? Well there is!
The source of free traffic that just made me send over 10,000 site visitors and paid me $ 445.61 (and growing every day) in commissions!
This free traffic generator that sent me over 10,000 site visitors and $ 445.61 in commission is called Leadsleap 2.0. See proof of income below ...
Note: These earnings were obtained from daily income shares, weekly income shares and upgrade fees. You should note that you do much more daily income shares and weekly income shares as an enhanced member. But if you can not afford to upgrade you are still eligible for weekly and daily actions, as long as you follow the rules.Note: The explanation of the daily and weekly revenue sharing system of leadsleap is far too complicated to do in this report. I suggest you join leadleap using the link below and read everything yourself in the members section.Click here to join Leadsleap for FREE!Not only have I earned $ 445.61.35 (and more and more every day) from leadsleap. They also sent more than 10,000 visitors to my site!

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It is the main reason why I love leadsleap: It shares up to 90% of its revenues with ALL its members, no purchase necessary.
How to earn a passive income with Leadsleap
By simply returning new members to leadsleap, earning the daily income share and earning the weekly income share ... I earned $ 445.61 in easy passive income.
Note: I was able to win so much because I am an upgraded member. As a free member, you will probably earn half that amount. So..If you can afford it ... I recommend you switch to a Pro member so that you can double your earnings potential as well as get more free advertising without clicking on the ads.
"How I generated over 10,000 FREE visitors using Leadsleap!"The great thing about leadsleap is that they pay you to promote your own site.
Here's how...# 1 - Click on Leadsleap member ads
Whenever you earn advertising credits from leaping prospects, you also earn part of their share of daily income.
If you simply click on 10 ads per day, you will automatically earn money each day as well as free advertising credits to promote your own website. The more you click on the ads, the more the share of the daily income you earn as well as the amount of free advertising credits you earn.
# 2 - Adding the Leadsleap widget to your websiteBy simply adding the leadsleapwidget to your website to your website or blog, you will earn free money and free ad credits for every click. Below you can see a live widget of leadsleap that will gain me free traffic and cash if you click on all the other ads.

Adding the leadsleap wdget to your website has the following benefits ....1. You earn cash in cash whenever a visitor to your site clicks on an ad.

2. You earn free traffic whenever a visitor to your site clicks on an ad.3. You can build a downline in leadsleap and earn commissions and extra traffic when people click the "Advertise Here" link and join leadsleap.

# 3 - Using Real TrackerLeadleap is not only a free traffic generator and a free income producer, it also has several free tools that can help you as internet marketers.
One of their best free tools is the tool they call "The Real Tracker". The actual tracker is simply a link cloaker that allows you to track where your traffic comes from.
But what makes this tracker better than most is the fact that its use to promote your products can earn you even more free traffic and leadsleap money.
Here's how!
When using "The Real Tracker", you will have the option to popup a popup on the site you are promoting, which will display ads from other members. Note: You may have noticed that a pop-up appeared about 20 seconds after you landed on this page. This is due to the use of the real tracker option in leadsleap.
When people click on these ads ...1. You earn cash in cash whenever a visitor to your site clicks on an ad.2. You earn free traffic whenever a visitor to your site clicks on an ad.3. You can build a downline in leadsleap and earn commissions and extra traffic when people click the "Advertise Here" link and join leadsleap.
Note: Most of the traffic and income I earned from leadsleap came from me simply by using "The Real Tracker" when I promote a website and adding the leadsleap widget to my blog and websites. This is a really simple way to earn extra money and free traffic without doing any real work!
Here! An easy way to make extra money while promoting your own websites! This method has already generated more than 10,000 visitors for me while earning me $ 311.25 in passive cash! Note: In order to earn as much as I have with the leadsleap, it is recommended that you upgrade your account to pro.
Why Go Pro?3 Main reasons why you need to upgrade1. You can configure the Pro ads, which will be displayed in the 24/7 system without credits.2. You will get overflows. These are tracks that will be with you for life, even if you degrade.3. You will double all your earnings in the share of daily and weekly income, as well as recurring fees. Your upgrade can easily be profitable in many ways.4. You earn 50% commissions on all upgrades (25% commission as a member

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